Choose your side / Kies een kant

Controle Alt Delete is an independent initiative by Blikopeners and IZI Solutions. We strive for equal treatment of all citizens by the Dutch police. We are against racial profiling and police brutality.

After three years of campaiging against racial profiling and police brutality, we can conclude that the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice and the Dutch police force do not plan to do anything about the unfair and unethical policing in the Netherlands. The policy plan against discrimination doesn't even contain the words 'racial profiling'.

Background information: situation in the Netherlands

A disturbing trend in the Netherlands towards more intense forms of racial profiling is converging with increasingly frequent and violent forms of police repression against minorities. Especially youngsters with a visible migrant background (not white) are more likely to be stopped and searched in the streets than youngsters with a ‘Dutch’ appearance. The Dutch government and police acknowledge the problem of racial profiling, but say it happens accidently- it is not a structural problem- by a few rotten apples within the police force. We disagree with the ‘rotten apple theory’. Even the UN says: “We are concerned over the existence of information on the increasingly broad use by the police of racist profiling." However, there isn’t any quantitative data, therefore there the Dutch government doesn't feel the urgencey to change any policies - this is why we need the app.